How to choose the wedding dress? With these steps you will look the most beautiful

How to choose the wedding dress? With these steps you will look the most beautiful

What woman does not walk behind the perfect wedding dress? Many times you get desperate because you do not find what you had imagined and you fill with fear thinking that you will not get what you want. Although, rather, what can be is that you do not really know what you want.

The first thing is to think about the type of wedding we want, if we want an uncomplicated wedding or on the contrary one where the label sets the tone, although you do not believe it by defining these simple details you will have already taken the first step. However, you can not forget or leave aside the climate of the city where you will give “yes”, as well as the time of your ceremony. Having these aspects clear we will help you not to fall into the 7 mistakes you can make in choosing your wedding dress.

On many occasions finding the “famous” dress is not easy. We are presented with thousands of doubts about it, if it fits well, if it has a spectacular fall, if you want to disguise the figure, if you stylize our figure, you think even that none convinces you, that does not favor you. But today we have compiled 5 steps to find the perfect wedding dress to make this decision something easier.

According to your personality
According to the material
According to the tone of your skin
According to the shape of your body
1. According to your personality
The first thing is to be clear that you should not be disguised, no matter how much you love trends. Maybe it’s not your style and, what’s really important, is that you feel it’s you. It is true that you should look at blogs and wedding websites like Zankyou to see what are the trends in weddings, but what really matters is that you feel that you are still you with the model you choose.

Classical: you are a classic bride if you bet on the traditional, for what does not go out of fashion, simple but elegant and sophisticated. This type of brides will always choose a design with boat neck or V neckline accompanied by veil and jewelry like pearls or diamonds.

Romantic: they are delicate and simple. Romantic brides often choose tulle or chiffon dresses with the most romantic embroidery with floral motifs.

Boho: brides who get married on the beach or in the open air bet on a boho dress, to give a hippie style to your look, with light and vaporous fabrics, and accessories like floral wreaths.

Vintage: You’re a vintage bride if you love vintage styles, lace and Victorian dresses. They look for the most spectacular fabric (even inherited) that gives that vintage look to their look.

Modern: the modern bride wants to give an avant-garde touch to her look, she is daring and is committed to asymmetrical cuts in her dress, even for short dresses or large openings.

The dress has to reflect the natural style of the bride, first of all. If you choose a model that has nothing to do with your style, it will be noticed and it will be very false. You should never buy a design that is ‘the latest’ but that does not favor you, even if you want your dress to be atypical because that’s your style, go ahead!

If the illusion of your life is marrying red, why not do it? To choose the most appropriate, you should be advised by the designer, but always taking into account your initial idea. Avoid changing direction if it is not born of you and try to make your personality reflected in the dress and not hidden in it.

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