Aug 20

Greenery wedding

Greenery wedding

The greenery tone is one of the most popular today, as it has been the protagonist of the best social events especially in the world of weddings. This predominant tonality represents a fresh, youthful, natural environment full of strength, which is why it is ideal to give life to the decoration of your wedding.

Green greenery is a very versatile color, it can be combined with many warm and cold tones and it will always remain elegant.

It is a perfect option for the summer season and outdoor events, as it evokes contact with nature.

If you want to show off with a wedding that has an avant-garde style and original Czech greenery proposals that we will give you below, decoration options and items for your trousseau that will make your event a total success Take note!

Your ceremony, you can include an arch with foliage and with some flowers in white to recreate an avant-garde style with romantic details

The reception, the setting of your wedding should be spectacular because it is where all your guests will be having fun to celebrate your marriage bond, a high center table greenery style will give a modern and distinguished look to your event.

Your cake, the sweet touch can not miss in your wedding, so the best idea is to maintain the style of your other decorative elements also in your cake, a subtle and elegant way is by means of a garland, which gives a wonderful contrast .

Invitations, announce your wedding with natural details

The bouquet, one of the most important elements of your trousseau is the bouquet, so this incredible touch should also consider it.

Botonier, the groom can also include this wonderful touch in his look, a small green bouquet as botonier will be the perfect touch to go ad hoc with the theme.

Details for guests, the most trendy wedding souvenirs are currently the plants and they are an excellent option to continue with the style of our event.

Decoration of the car, even the means of transport to your wedding can carry this fabulous touch of greenery.

We hope these ideas have enchanted you, if you want to show off with an innovative and very modern theme do not hesitate to use this incredible proposal, and so that you have options to choose from to organize the best wedding we recommend you attend Expo Tu Boda, the place where on a weekend you find everything you need for your big day,