Aug 20

Accessories for your bridal look

Accessories for your bridal look
Find out what accessories you should use on your big day to be the perfect girlfriend

The wedding will be one of the most important events of your life, as such you should look for the best with a look that makes you the most impressive girlfriend that anyone has seen, to achieve it you must know very well what elements you will need to complement your bridal trousseau, for this reason we leave below the list of accessories that every bride must wear on her big day:


Headdress: This beautiful adornment is basic to give a special touch to your hairstyle, whether you choose an elaborate hairstyle and a discreet headdress or a simple hairstyle but with a remarkable accessory, it’s all about managing a balance in these elements.

Bouquet: A primordial item of your trousseau, remember that many brides use three branches, one to get an altar, one to leave the Virgin in the church and another to use at the reception, it is a matter of tradition but without a doubt the bouquet will be that detail that every bride must carry.

League: The league or light is one of the accessories that can not miss if you are a traditional bride, you can definitely give your own style with rhinestones or applications, as this popular custom has been modernized little by little.

Sneakers: We know that they are the accessories most loved by women, so on such an important day you will have to choose the most special shoes, whether the style you choose tries to go in harmony with the rest of your look, but above all take into account the comfort, since you must pass it with great security on this important day your wedding!

Jewelry Set: An elegant necklace with sophisticated earrings will be the perfect accessories to give life to your bridal trousseau, decide a style that goes ad hoc with your other accessories, if your dress is recharged opt for a set of minimalist jewelry, for the Contrary if your model is simple you can choose avant-garde jewelry, as we mentioned earlier, the rule is to create a balance in your look.

Now that you have taken note of what you need to see yourself as a bride, remember that these details can be found at Expo Tu Boda, since you can not only find your wedding dress but also those beautiful accessories that will create your look total for the big day.