Oct 01



A wedding on the beach knows how to be wonderful. Just by being in a place that takes us out of routine is something that makes it unforgettable. But a wedding is made of much more than just the venue, do you agree? So I’ve been looking for 3 wonderful inspirations that will help make your beach wedding unique!


Beach Wedding & Inspirations

I am constantly invited to attend weddings, be it friends or our brides. Many can not go, but when the schedule leaves, I can attend some. And do you know of which wedding I remember all the details, the energy of the event and that has entered my list of unforgettable? The one that happened on the beach, more precisely in Punta Cana. And look at this more than 4 years ago.

A lot of things in this link marked me, not just the experience of a destination wedding, but the tranquility of the bride before the whole organization, the details that the couple chose the day before the ceremony, the scenery, the energy (we were 45 people and we were all on the same flight), all the fun. I even remember the song that the bride chose to walk to the altar.

Do you realize how a wedding is like a unique experience not only for the couple but also for your guests?

So I decided to write this story and bring 3 inspirations to help you create a special experience that is remembered forever by you, your partner and the guests.

# 1 – The scenario:
You do not have to marry your feet in the sand, but be sure to opt for a place where the view is breathtaking. Not only will it help to make the photos incredible, but it will provide a state of gratitude to the guests.

# 2 – Experiences:
It is possible to provide differentiated experiences at a beach wedding. One is to leave your guests at ease and barefoot, especially if it is in the sand.

Drinks within reach of all without waiting to be served by some waiter also gains good points here. Because the guests have autonomy!

Flavored candles create a cozy atmosphere and the aroma still becomes a signature of the wedding. Every time the guests smell it, they will remember the big day.

# 3 – Personalized souvenirs:
Choosing different, personalized souvenirs and according to the style of the wedding is also something that makes the wedding an unforgettable moment. Use and abuse creativity!