Apr 10

If 007 can do it, so can you

This is among the most important article I will ever write. It pertains to exactly forty nine percent of the entire world’s population, and maybe even a few stragglers from that less masculine fifty one percent. Women. Yes, this article is for your men around, but you ladies will probably get some insight into the thing that makes the rest of us insecure. We will not be James Bond. Even if we somehow managed to be the most handsome man on the planet for a continuous sixty years and had top clearance for all the world’s classified information, that which makes Bond uniquely Bond, is his unwavering and classy swagger. There’s a good reason he receives the Bond girl. He’s much better than us. He or she is everything we fantasize to get. While it is deflating to know that none of us will ever approach a dimension of being his equal, there are several ways that we can easily be like James Bond.


Dress to kill

That’s right, wear a Rolex. You can too if 007 can use his style to floor his audience and turn the world into jelly in his wake. That’s just what a Rolex is for. The Rolex is the elegant marriage of highclass and ingenuity, and a refusal to come in second; just like James Bond. You can no sooner call a Rolex a wrist watch than he could call James Bond a guy. I was fortunate enough to get a Rolex once. I didn’t buy it, though if I could afford it, I’d buy two. I received it as a gift from my grandfather and it’s still among my most precious possessions. The second I place it on, everything seems to get easier. Whether it’s in my head, or if it’s true, it doesn’t really matter. The point is, I feel it, so it’s true for me. Look into buying one if you’re interested in adopting a high class persona without having the top secret clearance. Use the internet and check out either rolex watches repair services or The Watch Buyers Group and get ready to have the girl!


Diamonds are forever

If even for a few days, get her a diamond, if there’s a particular lady in your daily life. They last. Diamonds usually are not considered the way to a woman’s heart unintentionally. Formed over thousands upon thousands of years under tons of constant pressure, diamonds are among the purest and most beautiful of the precious gems. They symbolize an undying commitment, and though Mr. Bond has a tendency to have a hard time with such a concept, he still feels very strongly about all the ladies he had become close with. It’s exactly that for him, not you, one of anything is insufficient. The world is not enough.


Die another day

That’s right, men. Exercise. If he didn’t have an excellent diet and work out daily, james Bond could never have gotten this far. If you’re that active and stay hydrated, apparently it doesn’t matter, although granted, they have a bit of a drinking problem.