Apr 10

beautiful skin without makeup

Avoid dull and lifeless face. Let’s try five simple tips like this share TEENAGERS.

1. Fresh eyes
Downcast eyes also had an impact on your face. You can refresh your eyes with a metal spoon store in the refrigerator overnight. When he awoke in the morning, mount the spoon that has been cooled to the upper eyelids and under the eyes. This can make your eyes feel cool and fresh.

2. Face scrub
Scrub your face to remove dead skin cells that make the already dull lifeless face.

3. Face mask
Why do not you try making a homemade mask to refresh your face in the morning. Method Blend together two tablespoons of cucumber with yogurt and a tablespoon of fresh milk. After that, apply to face and neck. Let it dry for 10-15 minutes. Then rinse with clean water. Your face will feel soft and refreshed after using it.

4. perfume
use body fragrance can stimulate your mood. Indirectly, good mood can make you happy, energetic and makes your face radiant.

5. power of Makeup
Use the power of make-up that can give color to your face! Apply eye liner, blush and lipstick on the lips. Sure can hide dull face and make your face look radiant!