Oct 01



The workshop Lu Bonometti will present during CASAR, the most sophisticated wedding event in the country, a charming option for brides that will make them even more passionate: the mini cookie cake! After all, what bride does not dream of surprising her guests? The sweet treat, besides being a beautiful option of souvenir, can still be a substitute of the traditional well-married.


The romantic style and delicacy of biscuits, shaped like a wedding cake, enchants everyone in the visual and draws sighs with the soft taste and unmistakable softness, with chocolate drops that melt in the mouth. It is the perfect blend of flavors and sensations, which highlights the best in gastronomy, with a taste of homemade biscuit.


Super charming, the mini cookie cake is handcrafted according to the palate of each bride and has several options of flavors. Among the successes are the Gourmet line cookies, an exclusive recipe created by Lu Bonometti, made up of the pistachio, hazelnut, almond and gianduia flavors. The difference of these cookies is that none of them contain wheat flour, ensuring a soft and light consistency.


In addition to these flavors, cookies can still be: Triple Chocolate Cookie Gets Belgian Chocolate Dough, with Chocolate Drops Half Bitter and White; the Chocolate with Nuts Cookie is made with Belgian chocolate dough with chopped nuts; the Chocolate Chip Cookie, is the traditional with brown-based pasta and chocolate bittersweet; the Chocolate Chip Black and White has a mass of brown sugar with drops of chocolate bittersweet and white, and has even the Cookia de Goiabada that is made with white mass and a spiral of guava melted on top.


CASAR2014 takes place from May 8 to 11 at JK Iguatemi Shopping. The event is in the thirteenth edition and is produced by the entrepreneurs Vera Simão and Camila Nunes. CASAR brings together, in one place, all the necessary services for the accomplishment of the marriage. There will be more than 100 exhibitors, who are part of a constantly growing market.